Outdoor Warning System

The City of Wolfforth has an Outdoor Torndado Warning Siren System.  The system is provided as an additional layer of warning along with local media, weather apps, weather radio and mass notification messages.  If you hear the sirens, stop what you are doing and visually inspect your surroundings to asses what your response needs to be. Go indoors and tune in to local media, weather apps. and or the National Weather Service for updates on possible weather threats. Respond accordingly based on the threat to protect you and your family from danger.


tornado sirenSiren Testing: Sirens are scheduled to be tested every 1st Tuesday of each month at 12 noon provided that severe weather is not forecast for our area.  


If testing is cancelled for weather concerns, we will reschedule the test for the following Tuesday.  If testing is cancelled for that date also, we will not test the system that month.